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wordpress update service

Wordpress is a web based software used to create beautiful websites and get online presence. Software have to be maintained and regularly updated for proper functioning.

The updates includes to stay in-line with the latest coding standards, remove any bugs if present and make it bug-free, remove any critical issue if found, implement latest security features to make it more secure and not interfere with the performance of the website it sits behind.

The wordpress also have to updated to the latest version to make it bug free, make it more secure and include latest features. our wordpress updation service follows the best practices to make it more secure and more powerful.

Like any other good software, WordPress and all of its plugins must be updated by the developers. Regular Wordpress updates have many advantages, for example, it makes the wordpress more safe and secure, increase its features, maintain bug free environment,  and ton of added advantages over the non updates wordpress websites.

Most of the updates are release to make the code(code,plugin,theme) error free and most of them are security fixes. These are maintained by the team who have created them and should be regularly used by the people who own wordpress websites.

This is why WordPress updates are something you need to concern yourself with.

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Updates for wordpress

Core update

Update your WordPress core

update my core

Get your WordPress core updated to the latest version to make it secure and avail latest features.

Update my wordpress core

Plugins update

Update your WordPress plugins

update my plugins

Get your WordPress plugins updated to the latest version safely and securely and take full backup.

Update my wordpress plugins

Theme update

Get your theme updates

update my theme

Get your WordPress theme updated to the latest version securely and safely with all customized features.

Update my wordpress theme

Full Wp Update

Update your WordPress full to the latest

update my website

Get your WordPress website updates with core, theme and plugins

Update my wordpress website

What Are WordPress Updates?

WordPress updates are actually the changes made to the Wordpress code. This update may be the code of the WordPress core, your installed wordpress themes, or your installed wordpress plugins .

WordPress always provide the arrival of the notification when any update is released. They signal the wordpress users that the update has been release and you should update it for all the parts you have installed -- whether it is activated or deactivated -- it badly need of a refresh.

With just a few clicks, you can push an update from a update publisher into your WordPress website.

Get WordPress updates starting from $25/month only. 100% Guaranteed satisfaction.

WordPress automatically updates some of its core updates released (the most critical updates). The rest updates, however, it leaves to the users to handle, either update it or not.

You can always update the files by logging into WordPress admin panel and update each plugin, theme, or core update by yourself manually. This always involves some risk of loosing the files or data.

You can however automate the whole process while leaving this to us and focus on the business of the website. Mazekul gives professional services with the updation feature with full backup of the whole site. If anything goes wrong your website remains unaffected and rollback is done.

Having said that, updates don’t always go smooth. I will explain why mazekul is the best option for choosing the wordpress update service: a Code can conflict with other codes, causing part of your website to break or the whole website to go down entirely. Updates also have the potential to cause unwanted or unexpected changes on the front end of your site. Without proper experience and close monitoring of each update done, your visitors may become angry when they unexpectedly see a misaligned page or broken plugin functionality or not seeing the website.

Mazekul is always a good option for granted, we always create backups to rescue you if such a thing should occur. Common problems occur when updating third party plugins. But your best bet is to outsource this to Mazekul WordPress Update Services.

Your WordPress updates are managed on a weekly basis with proper reporting. What’s more, all of the updates are safely handled by Mazekul, ensuring that updates have not adversely affected the security, performance, or user experience of your awesome website.

Get WordPress updates at $25/month only. 100% Guaranteed satisfaction.

So contact us today and be worry free, leave your problems to us.

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