WordPress Migration Service

What is a WordPress migration?

Simply for a layman, a Wordpress migration refers to the process of moving the Wordpress install from one server(Local server or live server) to another production server, without affecting its features and functionality.

For example, moving the Wordpress site from one hosting company to another or moving the local Wordpress install to the live location or live url(where it is open for general public to view your website).

There are numerous reasons why you need Wordpress migration service and want to go ahead with this, such as:

  • Moving your website to a better and more secure hosting provider. In this context, better could mean anything – for example, lower prices or faster loading times.
  • Pushing a local WordPress site to a production server or live server .
  • Moving a Wordpress website from a subdomain to the main directory of the domain.

If your requirements fall into any of these above listed categories, and have put off migrating your website because the process sounds complicated, we’re here to help you and make the process easier!

Let’s take a look at our best WordPress migration service available.

Migration Process

Your Wordpress website will be transferred in 3 steps.

1. Website Backup

We'll make a full backup of your website.

Safety First

This process is done to streamline the process and avoid any future issues.

2. Website Transfer

We'll migrate your website to its new host.

New Server

The website will be transferred to the new location with the file system and the database

3. Configure

We'll make sure everything runs smoothly.


We will reconfigure the new server and make sure everything is good.

About the Service

We'll make sure that your WordPress website is safely transferred to its new home.

  • 1: Website Backup

    Working on safety first, before we transfer your website to its new hosting provider we will make a full backup of your WordPress installation including the core, theme, images, plugin files, and database.

  • 2: Website Transfer

    Once we have a complete back up of your website, the next step in the migration process is to transfer your files and database to your new hosting provider.

  • 3: Update Domain

    As soon as we have uploaded your website files and imported your database, we’ll be ready to update your DNS settings to point your domain name to your new hosting provider.

  • 4: Reconfiguration

    If you are using the same domain name in the new server, re-configuring your website to work with your new hosting provider is quickly done. However, when Re-branding to a new domain often involves a little more work!