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Are you trying to optimize your website speed, decrease the load time of website and improve the user experience by effective website load time optimization services and website loading time optimization. We are here to assist you to build your website open up quicker by optimizing your HTML code, CSS scripts and lots of alternative factors that have an effect on the performance of your website on the web. We optimized our company website,, and increased the typical speed by five times. Contact us now by email or contact us at 9210290413 or 9650530155.

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More significantly, Google recently proclaimed that the load time of your website could also be a pagespeed ranking issue for your website. A lot of factors can affect your website page speed and load time and by having best possible speed you will get the higher rankings it's going to attain on Google algorithms. Hence, it's become imperative that you simply change efforts to increase your website speed. The speed of the online page determines how fast your website visitor access the content on your website.

We excel in website speed optimization services and over the time researched numerous factors on the web and came out with a number of the simplest strategies which will increase your website speed considerably.

Magento Speed Optimization Services

Mazekul masters the art of website optimization services whether its about simple website optimization, WordPress speed optimization service, Drupal speed optimization service or highly customized website of Magento speed optimization service. We can provide guaranteed delivery of website optimization services and highly complicated wordpress optimization service.

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Make fewer protocol requests

Image maps, CSS Sprites, combining files, inline pictures are few of the techniques that we'll use to minimize web request on your server once somebody visits your website.

Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN)

If you have got tons of traffic or ton of media content like videos, audios, podcast etc, then you actually got to use CDN like Akamai, Amazon CloudFront, Limelight or cloudfront magento. We'll assist you in setting it up. For startups with little traffic, you do not haven't to stress concerning it in the slightest degree.

Compressing your documents, scripts and stylesheets

We use gzip tool to compress your documents that helps in loading the page quicker. Gzip is one in all the foremost well-liked and effective press technique in web site optimization services. By optimizing page with Gzip the visitor can browse your website in much less time.

Putting JavaScript and CSS in external files

Keeping your scripts in an external file and combining them together will send the request to server only once and hence make the web page load quickly.

Code clean up

We will remove all the unnecessary characters, white spaces, unused scripts, duplicate scripts etc to reduce the page size and thus improve the page load time.

Cacheable AJAX

If your website uses AJAX, we need to make sure it is optimized properly. The best way to improve the performance of Ajax is to make the responses cacheable.

We are also masters of google optimization service.

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Please remember there are many more rules present in web site optimization service that need to be followed to make sure your website is optimized properly.

Hire Website Speed Optimization Developers

Usually, it takes up to 6-7 days to optimize a website and complete all the tasks required for website speed optimization service and could take more if the website is a static site and consist of several pages(in hundreds). Every website is a custom job for us and we can provide you web optimization services at a discounted rate of $500. We guarantee the page speed score of your website between 90-96 otherwise we will refund your money. Please send us your website details by filling up the contact us form on the right-hand side of the page.

Your website is your entry card into the World Wide Web and if you are looking to make a mark in the online industry, you need to have a website which is updated with the latest in scripts and is compatible with all types of browser interfaces. We have begun to pay a lot of attention to the manner in which the website is designed. Factors like website loading speed, optimization and scripting have become crucial to the popularity of the website on the search engines.

Web page speed optimization is a concept that is very integral to the task of web designing. Users always prefer a site which loads faster and has the least glitches. This makes it all the more important to have a website with speed optimized pages.

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Website Performance Optimization Consulting Agency

Do you have questions in mind like how to improve Magento site speed or how to improve WordPress site speed then your search ends here as we are the #1 agency to provide guaranteed results and with our sophisticated techniques we have enabled several business owners to gain more customers by decreasing the website load time. Please contact for wordpress speed optimization services and magento speed optimization services.

Why your website requires Page Speed Optimization or Website Optimization Service:

Google Pagespeed

Google has increasingly placed a lot of emphasis on the loading speed of web pages. With modified algorithms, and search criteria, many search engines including Google, have made the website loading speed an important constituent of the Search Engine Optimization process.

According to google it will give weight to faster websites and will definitely penalize slow loading websites.

It has been discovered that the speed of a website is directly related to its quality of the work done and minimum resources to be used.

But however ought to associate SEO increase the web loading speed of a website? This is often wherever we are able to facilitate. If you're craving for the way to deliver content quickly to your visitors, we are able to provide and help you accomplish the task in an effective and a lot of value effective manner.

Now, improve the loading speed of your website while not ever-changing look and feel of your website, Mazekul provides best in class page speed optimization services or wordpress page speed optimization service

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» No need to amendment the content

» No need to amendment the planning of your web site

» No need to amendment the position

While acting on your page load speed, there'll be no amendment to your website content, placement or look so as to take care of the familiarity and complete worth for your users. So what you have to do is contact us and let us take care of your website speed and make it supercharged in the meanwhile you can relax worry-free while we are optimizing your store.