Top 25 Proven Reasons to choose Magento for online shop

Ever since it got released Magento got plenty of attention from developer and business person community once it involves online stores, or to place it more robustly, once it involves eCommerce platforms. We as a magento development company and Developers around the globe find it irresistible due to its modularity, as they will (almost) do something client asks them. Merchants adore it due to the vast variety of options it provides out of the box. Magento also beats the list of ecommerce platforms free becuse it is must to have for any online selling platform.

Here is a list, to reasonably emphasize the highest reasons to choose Magento.
As a part of our job, we habitually check for up to date and best product and platforms that may facilitate our customers improve operational efficiency and enhance business performance. within the last few months, we even have in person met a variety of retail and wholesale customers who are embracing e-commerce technologies to boost their businesses. a variety of those customers are in business for over few decades and presently managed by second or third generation among the family. These millennials understood the very fact that embracing technology is important and necessary for his or her existence. the primary step is to place a powerful on-line store front through a price effective however scalable e-commerce platform.
With a variety of e-commerce platforms on the market these days, the decision-making method is getting harder. which platform is best and what’s the correct platform that suits my specific needs. These are the 2 most typical queries asked by all our customers.
With many years of expertise building and developing Magento E-commerce solutions and wide array of e-commerce solutions, we feel Magento is a leader and can stay the leader, particularly in middle to higher middle level enterprises. Being open source, simple magento integration capabilities, wide availableness of themes and extensions and with easy access to development resources, Magento is certainly the top choice for countless businesses worldwide.

SEO friendly right out of the box – search engine friendly URL’s, Google site Map, Meta-information for product, classes and content pages, etc.
Internationalization support – Support for localization, multiple currencies and tax rates. Support for accented characters and the right to left text. Configurable list of allowed countries for certain options. European Union VAT-ID validation, EU cookie notification, magento website support service etc.
Enormous variety of inbuilt eCommerce online shop related options (most than any of its PHP/open source based mostly competitors) – options like support for each Multi-Site and Multi-Domain setup.
Extremely modular design – allows you to try and do deep customizations of each frontend (layouts and templates) and backend (event, observer, rewrites, grids, etc.)
Magento’s skilled Consulting group (not a free service, however still extremely necessary one to have if needed)
Official training and professional Certification Program – training for backend developers, front-end developers, merchants, magento developer etc. Instructor-led coaching, On-Demand coaching. Magento Certified Developer, Magento Certified Developer and, Magento Certification Directory (find an authorized developer anyplace within the world).

magento e-commerce is available in 2 editions: Magento Enterprise Edition and Magento Community Edition. The platform is kind of flexible and allows developers to alter or modify the codes as per business necessities and desires.

Flexible- With a versatile framework, developers will simply infuse new and latest methodologies to form the ecommerce platforms web site quick, economical and performance-oriented. The framework encourages hassle-free customization of product, brands, shopping carts etc.

SEO Optimized – The best factor concerning Magento, that makes it completely different from different ecommerce platforms, is that it’s inbuilt SEO options, which means that the platform supports search engine optimized results.

Responsive – Magento permits ecommerce websites to expeditiously work with multiple devices, no matter their screen size and different features. Customers will simply access these websites through their mobile devices, whether it’s a smartphone, an iPad, iPhone, tablet or laptop.

Single Back-End with Multiple Magento Store fronts – With multiple storefronts, developers will add different shopping stores to the platform, consisting of thousands of catalogs and product to make sure an exciting shopping experience.

Cross-Browser Compatibility – This feature makes the ecommerce platform simply accessible through completely different browsers. It reduces limitations on usage and permits the web site to rank higher on prime search engines.

Integrated Payment options – Obviously, not each client uses a similar payment option, therefore web site owners are required to integrate multiple payment methods so as to facilitate customers with a straightforward shopping expertise. Magento has integration choices with gateways like E-bay, PayPal, Quickbooks etc in order that customers will simply interact from anyplace within the world.

Multilingual and Multi-Currency – Operating globally means the business has to incorporate completely different languages for various customers.There must be one thing for everybody in order that customers don’t leave the shop while not buying something. With this feature, Magento has grabbed a major market share in the ecommerce world.

Secure Authorization – Magento has been designed as a secured platform to stay buyer and business details safe. The websites are quite safe, so avoid information infringement from outside sources.

Return Material Authorization (RMA) – With RMA or magento rma, store owners will attract more and a lot of customers to the platform. They can use the return material magento extension to build the product return easy for the shoppers.

Large Number of Extensions – Irrespective of the very fact that Magento is already having various unimaginable options, developers will extend it with plugins (also named as modules). With these modules, web site owners can simply customise the platform and provide a stronger shopping expertise in order that customers will persevere visiting the store regularly.

Themes for All Businesses – One of the foremost attention-grabbing options concerning Magento is that companies will simply realize acceptable web site themes consistent with their trade. It doesn’t matter what they’re selling, Magento developers may find one as per their necessities.

Modular design – Magento is intended consistent with the standardized PHP framework i.e. a Framework that permits the platform to increase, so ensuring that it enhances the necessities of each business person.

Scalable answer – Whether the business needs to sell one or 100,000 product, Magento will give the maximum amount support because it desires. Its scalable feature shows its superb capability to grow with the business.

Customizable and Advanced reporting – Magento is supplied with a in-built reporting system that’s designed to observe operations associated with product purchase, its quality, client activity and level of satisfaction. the info therefore collected can be used to create vital business choices.

One-Step Checkout – Through Magento, merchants will simply tack together their portals and optimize their shopping carts for redoubled conversions. With its simple checkout, there would be a lesser number of consumers who abandon their carts.

Multi-Layer Navigation – Merchants can use multi-layer navigation for a convenient and satisfactory shopping expertise. once customers will search product as per their individual classes and different attributes, things become easier and easy for them.
Security – Magento takes security terribly seriously and as an extremely rated priority. Magento engineering science even comes with Secure Payment Bridge that provides PCI knowledge Security normal (PCI PA-DSS).
Magento Connect – the world’s largest eCommerce application marketplace.
Code-level Access – open supply, PHP code on the market for you to play with.
Web Services API – inbuilt support for SOAP v1, SOAP v2, XML-RPC, REST API
Because we as best e-commerce developers feel it’s wonderful

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