Top 10 Google Search Shortcut Tips and trick

Google has already enabled a long list of SEO shortcuts that will allow you for doing all kinds of things besides simply searching for a valueless or generalized result.

By adding an operator followed by a colon: you can get some pretty interesting research on the website done very quickly.

We have been using this for a long time and I thought it might be interesting to share the information of anyone doesn’t know it

The following are my 10 favorite web site and SEO shortcuts because they give me a quick look at some of the most important and competitive search ranking factors for any website.

Site:(search results for only one website – this will show all the pages on google for the website –

Pro Tip: You can also see if your website is coming for www or without or with both www and non www version.

Link: (find pages that link to a page or entire website) This will show all the pages or domains that links to

info: (find information about any given page) –

related: (shows all the pages that Google thinks are related to a page or website) –

cache: (shows historically what a page looked like in previous version, you can also check when was the last time google crawled your website) –

filetype:(search for specific file types only from the web) marketing filetype:ppt

allintitle: (search all pages for keywords in page title) – allintitle:public relations

allinanchor: (search all pages for link or anchor text with the provided word) – allinanchor:get more referrals

inurl:(restrict search to page URLs by specifying the specific word) inurl:smallbusiness

allintext: (find pages by words specified in body text) – allintext:Mazekul Technologies

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