Free website for NGO and non profit organizations

Mazekul offers free website to the NGO and nonprofit organizations as to show the world what they are doing for the welfare of the society. These organizations work independently without much of the aid from the government and all the tasks are carried out by the motivated volunteers actively participating for a cause.

free website for NGO and non profit organizations

What are NGO and non-profits?

NGO is an acronym for Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) and NPO stands for Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) is a group,child education organization, nonprofit establishment or non-profit entrepreneurship of individuals, activists, voluntary and social persons. NGO or NPO is a social voluntary organization of social activist, group of persons, community, persons, volunteers, civilians and citizens who are working or associated for social welfare and social development.

Any nonprofit organization that operates independently of any government, typically one whose purpose is to address a social or political issue.

These bodies work in the different areas like child education, saving of girl child, providing medication to the poor, giving resources to the deprived, providing food to the poor, working in natural disasters like flood, earth quake etc.

So as to offer them a web presence and website to these bodies it's our small give back as compared to what these bodies are giving to the society.

How NGO and NPO can avail free website?

free websiteAny Organization such as NGO or NPO or any other body working for the welfare of the society can avail the service of the free website for their web presence. We just require the registration certificate of the government organization to offer our free website service to these bodies. Since a certificate and registration is a proof of their workings and as soon as we get the certificate and other necessary documents we will start the project of enabling their web presence.

We just require a registered domain and a web hosting so as to store the files and resources. If demanded mazekul can also help them in getting these for them. We also require logo of the organization to be placed on the website.

A very small initiative.

website for NGO and website for non profitAccording to a study over 40,000 NGO are registered over the world and are actively working for the social welfare. It's worth noticing that only less than 5% of them have a website or web presence. As part of our working, we have met several of the organizations and we are amazed by their working for the social welfare. So we decided to show the world what these organizations are doing without charging them as our humble gift to them in order to show their work, latest happenings etc. What we want from them is simple, we want them to promote our this initiative with word of mouth etc so as to benefit as many organizations as possible.

Please send an email to to get in touch with all the details like name, certificate, contact number etc and we will get in touch as soon as possible.