It was in late 2015 once the globe has to be compelled to explore the capabilities of PHP7. Now, why square measure we have a tendency to specifically talking concerning seven? the rationale is that PHP 7 is that the newest version once PHP5 created its debut in 2004. The speed of the execution of PHP has considerably power-assisted in recommending the migration of websites to individuals across the world. within the words of developers, PHP7 features a crucial role in boosting the performance.Read More

Magento get store information from any page In the cases where you want to display the store related information on any page or in custom locations or in extension development like getting the website details, store details etc.

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If you have custom product attribute(s), then you may need to convert them to quote item and then to order item in Magento when an order is placed. That helps the order get the product attributes details and saves it in order tables to reference in the backend Manage Orders screen. This allows you to know what values for the product is selected by the customer so that you can consider it when dispatching the order items.Read More
If your Magento products are not showing up in frontend category pages, that can be because one or more of the below points are not done correctly.Read More
First of all, removing live orders is not recommended. But if you are sure you want to remove orders (test orders?) then you can do so by custom script below. Get the order increment id(s) of the order you wish to delete from Magento. Remember, once order is deleted you can’t get any related information of that order.Read More

Magento clear all caches from command line, programatically from ssh. Clearing the caches is a must when you are making any configuration changes in your Magento website. Although you can always clear the cache from admin panel, sometimes for faster cleaning or unable to log into admin panel reason, it’s good to have a script which will clear all the caches in Magento.


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Ever since it got released Magento got plenty of attention from developer and business person community once it involves online stores, or to place it more robustly, once it involves eCommerce platforms. Developers find it irresistible due to its modularity, as then will (almost) do something client asks them. Merchants adore it due to the wast variety of options it provides out of the box.Read More

You can get the current page URL and its parameters (if any) by using getCurrentUrl() method in Magento. Below code will show you how to use it. Consider for example you have this URL:

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